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Advanced technologies for
underground construction
Reconstruction of Kaunas sewage collector in Kiev City
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Construction time schedule: 12.2011 - 06.2015
Total length of drainage collector: 3088,5 m
Diameter of drainage collector: 700-800-960-1040 mm
Throughput of drainage collector: 501,2 - 1479,8 l/sec

The Project’s purpose is sewage collector reconstruction because of its emergency condition caused by gaseous corrosion of concrete pipes.

The existing Kaunas gravity-flowing drainage collector of the centralized system of household water drain belongs to the oldest of drainage collectors of the Left-Bank part of Kiev City. It belongs to drainage collectors of inter-district significance and provides services to "Sotsmistechko" Residential Area  in full and "Stara Darnitsa" - partially. Besides, the drainage collector provides services to industrial-communal areas.

The existing drainage collector is laid of reinforced-concrete, asbestos-cement  and pig-iron pipes of 700-800-960-1040 mm in diameter. For today, it has suffered 100 % amortization deterioration. In connection with considerable damage and loss of load-carrying capability of drainage collector structures, the reconstruction project provides for full replacement of existing collector and inspection chambers. Collector replacement will partially be carried out along the old collector route, partially - parallel to the old line, partially - along a new line.

During reconstruction, the dump of a part of waste waters will be transferred to the drainage basin of Shlihter gravity-flowing drainage collector with its use as a backup one thus allowing to avoid erection of provisional installation during construction.

Drainage collector reconstruction is performed partially by the cut-and-cover method and also with the help of trenchless technology: methods of microtunnelling by AVN 1200 shield system, of shield, shaft driving as well as by means of sanitation of existing collectors.

To increase the service life of drainage collector there are used reinforced-concrete pipes of 1200 and 2000 mm in diameter lined with polyethylene from within. Besides, glass-fiber plastic pipes of 1000 mm in diameter are laid by the cut-and-cover method and pipes of 600-400-300 mm in diameter made of polyvinylchloride - by shaft driving. Construction is also provided of required process chambers of monolithic ferro-concrete which interior surface will be protected with high pressure polyethylene sheets.

The collector route passes within the traffic movement, therefore  the arrangement of slabs is provided for in places of inspection chambers for the distribution of temporary loading from the moving transport.
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