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«Concern «KyivPidzemShlyakhBud» —
Advanced technologies for
underground construction
Reconstruction of Shlihter sewage collector in Kiev City
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Construction time schedule: 12.2011 - 12.2014
Total length of drainage collector sections without tie-ins: 4279 m
Diameter of drainage collector: 600-700-900-1250-1450-2450 mm
Throughput: 162,9 - 3521,0 l/sec

The Project’s purpose is the reconstruction of sewage collector along Shlihter Str. because of its physical deterioration caused by gaseous corrosion of concrete pipes.

Existing gravity-flowing drainage collector is a drainage collector of interdistrict significance of the economic-household water drain centralized system. It has been constructed in 1964-1965 and belongs to the oldest of drainage collectors of the Left-Bank part of Kiev City. At first the drainage collector accumulated and took away waste waters from the "Voskresensky" industrial-communal district , with "Rusanivka" and "Bereznyaki" Residential Areas being connected later.

The analysis of town-planning situation along the route of existing drainage collector, its technical condition, calculations of hydraulic loading and check-up of existing drainage collector’s throughput have shown the expediency of partial construction of a new drainage collector instead of existing one and partial sanitation of existing drainage collector.

During the reconstruction period the dump of a part of waste waters will be transferred to a drainage basin of the Kaunas gravity-flowing drainage collector. For the drain of existing wastes from the territory of industrial enterprises and public facilities, during the period of civil work performance there it  is provided the arrangement of provisional sewage pressure stations.

The existing drainage collector is in a pre-fault state. Inspection chambers owing to gaseous corrosion have considerable damages, and because of this they will, during reconstruction, be constructed of monolithic ferro-concrete with the use of strengthened reinforcements. The inside surface of chambers will be protected with the shaped high pressure polyethylene sheets. The corrosion-resistant coating is provided both for external surfaces of chambers and for metal elements of structures.

Reconstruction of drainage collector is performed partially by cut-and-cover method and also by means of trenchless technology: microtunnelling  by AVN 1200 shield tunneling system, pipe-pushing, shield and shaft tunnel driving, and by means of sanitation of existing collectors.

For the reconstruction of collector’s route there will be used concrete pipes with polyethylene insert for microtunnelling and thin-wall reinforced-concrete pipes-encasements with polyethylene insert.

The route of gravity-flowing drainage collector passes within the inundated and partially above-inundated terraces of the Dnpiro River and is characterized by the presence of underground waters, therefore the work is performed under protection of construction’s water drawdown by deep unwatering boreholes.

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