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Advanced technologies for
underground construction
Gravity-flowing sewage collector along Sortuvalna Str. in Kiev City
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Construction time schedule: 01.2011 - 09.2012
Total length: 978 m
Diameter of drainage pipe: 1200 mm
Throughput: 727,77 l/s

Construction of 1200 mm gravity-flowing sewage collector is carried out for a phase-out possibility of "Bereznyaki" sewage pumping station and is also a necessary part of a complex of works on reconstruction and modernization of sewerage system of Darnitsky District of Kiev City. Construction of a gravity-flowing sewage collector will provide considerable saving of funds of housing and communal services on which municipal tariffs for the population depend.

The route of a gravity-flowing drainage collector is laid along Sortuvalna Str. from the chamber located on Bereznjakovsky Str.  to the existing chamber on Zdolbunovska Str.  The embedding depth of a drainage collector is mainly from 5,4 m to 7,6 m, reaching 14 m under the railroad tracks.

The collector’s main route is laid of 1200 mm concrete pipes  with a throughput  of 2620 cu. m/h whose interior part is protected with the polyethylene insert that guarantees the life cycle of drainage collector for not less than 50 years.

The collector’s route is laid in difficult hydro-geological conditions, passes the heavily trafficked Sortuvalna Str., under the Lower Telbin Lake, under railroad tracks. Therefore, the drainage collector construction is carried out by trenchless method – microtunnelling method with the use of Herrenknecht AVN 120 tunneling complex.

The Project also provides for construction of 2  sewage collectors of 500 mm in diameter, made of PVC pipes, 24 and 25 m long to be connected to 1200 mm drainage collector. Construction of these sections of drainage collectors will also be carried out by trenchless method, method of shaft driving under the protection of constructional water drawdown.

Construction of switchover chamber, viewing chambers and reconstruction of junction chambers is also planned in the Project. For retaining the load-bearing capacity of reinforced concrete structures of sewage collector and chambers from destruction by gaseous corrosion, there it is envisaged the use of sheet-like shaped high-pressure polyethylene.

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