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Advanced technologies for
underground construction
Reconstruction of D=500 mm sewage collectoralong Stolichny Highway in Kiev City
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Construction time schedule: 12.2010 - 12.2011
Total length of sewage collector - 668,5 m

The gravity-flowing sewage collectoralongStolichny Highway from stilling pool of «Koncha-Zaspa» Sewage Pump StationNo. 4 to «Koncha-Zaspa»Sewage Pump StationNo. 5 was built and commissioned in 1975-79. The sewage collectoris laid by open-cut miningat the depth of 3-5 m inD=500 mmreinforced-concrete pipes in dry sandy soils.
The length of sewage collector’ssection which is subject to reconstructionmakes up 668,5 ln.m. Because of a gas corrosion, the upper part of sewage collector pipes, survey chambers, ceiling slabs, step irons came into an improper condition. Stilling poolwas especially in technically unsatisfactory condition: ferro-concrete walls and ceiling slabslost their bearing ability, step irons were totallycorroded.

By the reconstruction it is provided as under:
1. Construction of interception chamber of pressure sewerage.
2. Construction of new stilling pool.
3. Laying of new D=500 mmgravity-flowing sewage collector.
4. Pipeline material of a new sewage collector - PVC pipes of D=500х15, 2.
Construction is conducted by tunneling, namely: by a method of tunnel driving.
The route of an old sewage collector passed through the territory of a football field of «Dynamo Kiev» Football Club.
A new route is moved from the football fields towards a forest area. It is caused by the fact that the local passageway should provide,without any restrictions,travel of cars and special equipment, that servethe football fields, of fire-engine house cars which is located nearby with the passageway, as well astravel and parking of cars of players and coaches. Construction of a new sewage collector should not interrupt,in any way, the training andworkoutprocess of Ukraine’sNational Football Teamplayers for the Euro-2012 Championship.

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