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«Concern «KyivPidzemShlyakhBud» —
Advanced technologies for
underground construction

Passage Collector of D1400 mm water-line  from the «Dnepr» Metro Station to Kirovogradskaya Str.

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Construction time schedule: 09.2009 - 09.2012
Collector total length: 4617 m

The pass-through collector constructed in 60-s' of the last century is situated in the central part of Kiev City and is an important element of water supply system. Complex of collector facilities consists of pavilion-entrance  on the Naberezhnoye Highway, modular ferro-concrete collector tunnel of D3,24 m with D1400, 1200 and 1000 mm waterlines and mine shafts of 32 to 94 m deep.
In the course of operation, the collector’s structures and process equipment have partially lost their original design parameters, they do not meet up-to-date requirements and need restoration.
The Project provides for rehabilitation of mine shafts, modernization and rehabilitation of sumps with pump equipment, restoration of waterline exterior anticorrosive coating and metal structures, restoration of tunnel’s ferro-concrete facing, replacement of some sections of D1400 and D1000 mm pipelines, etc.

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