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Sewer collector along Stetsenko Str.

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Construction time schedule: 06.2010 - 09.2012
Total length: 3 265 m
Diameter: 1200 mm
Driving depth: from 6,0 to 36,0 m

The gravity-flowing sewer collector is constructed for the purpose of phase-out of «Nivki» low-capacity sewer pump station that is equipped with physically worn out equipment. The phase-out of old SPS (sewer pump station) will raise reliability of sewer channeling of this part of a city and will reduce electric power consumption. New gravity-flowing collector is intended for taking away sewage of «Nivki», «Marshal Grechko Str.», «Berkovetsky Gardens» Residential Areas, «Berkovets Khutor» Industrial Zone into an existing Siretsky Collector and further into the city treatment facilities. With collector along the Stetsenko Str. putting into operation, there will be a possibility of development of new territories for housing construction envisaged by the General Programme of Kiev City Development till Year of 2020.
Construction is conducted along Stetsenko Str. by a microtunneling method with the use AVN 1200 tunnel-boring complex. The trenchless technology does not interfere with the traffic. Because of difficult engineering-geological conditions at certain sections of the route there are implemented constructional water drawdown and freezing of soils. The Project provides for construction of 25 chambers and 9 inspection manholes.

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