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On November 4th, at 12.00 Kiev Time, the  solemn opening of "First stage of construction of artesian water supply facilitiesof the Osokorki - Northern Residential Areaand water main alongP.GrigorenkoAvenue in DarnitskyDistrict of Kiev City"Project took place. It is composed oftheII-ndelevation pumping plant, 4 artesian water boreholes, 2 clear water reservoirs, electrolytic installations for water decontamination, transformer substation, service-household module and dispatching office. Construction of an installation by a capacity of 22000 cu.m  was carried out by "Concern" Kievpodzemdorstroj" LLC since 03.2004 under order of the MainAdministration of Municipal Services of an executive body of Kiev City Council (Kiev CityState Administration).
At the opening there was present Alexander Popov, Head of Kiev City State Administration. He personally started up the pumps of the II-nd elevationstation thatbeganfilling the clear water reservoirs. Head was met by Anatoly Galchuk, Concern’sGeneral Director, Dmitry Novitsky, Chief of MainAdministration of Municipal Services. Representatives of "Kievinzhproect"Institute, Designer’s Office,"Budgarant" LLC, Contractor’s Office,took part in the facility opening, as well as representatives of"Kievvodokanal" JSC. Mass-media news writers had a firsthand possibility to attain information on the up-to-date engineering techniques applied at the facilityconstruction and the water supply prospects of the Osokorki Residential Area and DarnitskyDistrict.
Clear water reservoirs in theOsokorki Residential Areaare constructedwith the newest engineering techniques which are introducedby the “Concern" Kievpodzemdorstroj "in Ukraine at the construction of similar facilities. For the first time in Ukraine the engineering technique of internal surface treatmentwitha special high pressure polyethylene certificated as potablewas applied at the construction of reservoirs. The reservoir design totallyeliminatesleakage and inleakage, i.e. penetration of underground water and any harmful substancesin it. Besides, the quality of water in reservoir will meet the highest European standards thanks to the modern equipment on  water decontamination, namely:ЭП-10-25 electrolysis installation which producessodium hypochlorite by an electrolysis of a commercial-grade saltsolution and, thereby, relieves of necessity to make use of liquid chlorine. New clear water reservoirs at theOsokorkiResidential Area have a guarantee service life of more than 50 years and require minimum serviceexpenses.


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