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Advanced technologies for
underground construction

At the end of 2010, the work has been completed all at once on Concern’s three facilities. There are obtained Certificates of Compliance from the State Architectural-Construction Control Inspection of Kiev City  on reconstruction completion  of gravity-flow sewer collectors.

Since beginning of the year there are ready for operation:

 - 2 turns of the Perovsky sewer collector serving "Troeshchina", "Voskresensky" Residential Areas, Village of Troeshchina, "Nikol’ska Slobodka" Industrial Zone, of a total length of 2580,23 ln. m;

 - Sewer collector on Kyoto Street in Desnjansky District of a length of 1220,67 ln m.;

 - Sand sewer collector (from Tbilisi Lane to Borshchagivsky Street ) in Shevchenkovsky District of Kiev City of a length of 1502,7 ln. m.

Collectors were in operation since 70’s of the last century, its ferro-concrete structures have disintegrated owing to gas corrosion, numerous cracks were formed, pipes joinings  have collapsed thus resulting in a decrease of carrying ability.

Restoration of engineering communications was performed with the application of modern materials and the newest technologies of underground construction, including microtunnelling techniques. New collectors are constructed with SPIRO polyethylene pipes (resistant to more than 200 chemical substances) and ferro-concrete pipes with the inner (PE100) polyethylene inserts against aggressive drains.

Quality of new pipes and methods of communications laying provide their guaranteed operation for not less than 50 years.


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